W160RH/W220RH Snow Blowers


Wieska hydraulic snow blowers are excellent implements for small tractors, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders or even excavators. Owing to the short frame structure, they can also be conveniently used in tight yard areas.

The wider model, W220R, is equipped with hydraulic turning of the horn and visor to allow precise control of the snow jet. The smaller model, W160R, comes with mechanical horn control in the standard configuration, but is also optionally available with hydraulic control. Snow feed with horizontal screw is efficient with wet snow as well. Hydraulic W160RH or W220RH units can be attached with all most common loader adapters to the front of the machine, by excavator adapters to the boom, or by three-point attachment to the back of the tractor.


Working width: 160/220cm
Weight 450/650kg
Ploughing wing 60cm
Throwing impeller 55cm
Feed rotor horizontal screw feed
Shaft 55 mm, bearings 2 pcs. UCF210/UCP209
Wear blades 8 mm 500HB
Mounting most common loader adapters or lifting device of cat. 1 or 2
Oil output required 60L/min/100L/min
Standard equipment support legs 2 pcs.
Horn adjustment mechanical/hydraulic

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