Efficient double-shutter W242 takes care of snow works even in demanding conditions. The high enclosed frame structure withstands bumpy forest roads well. The customised 100cm ploughing wing efficiently supplies the snow to the rotor. Feed and throw blades can be locked with shear bolts, if necessary. Wide outlets eject snow efficiently; the shutters are hydraulically controlled.

The working width, 285 or 255cm, is chosen using bolt-on 225mm or 75mm end wings.

Frame material: high-quality S355 structural steel. Rotor feed blades, wear blades and support legs are made of 500HB Hardox.

W242 is equipped with reduction gear and comes with three adjustable support legs and LED lights as standard.

Surface treatment: shot blasting and powder-coating, which result in durable and slippery coating for snow throwing.


Working width: 255/285cm
Weight 1,370 / 1,450kg
Ploughing wing 100cm
Throwing impeller 96cm, lockable blade 4 pcs.
Feed rotor blade feed, lockable blade 8 pcs. / 540 rpm
Shaft 80mm, bearings 2 pcs. UCF216
Wear blades 16mm 500HB
Splined shaft 1 3/4″, recommended articulated shaft, size class Series 9
Mounting lifting device of cat. 2 or 3
Power demand +100 hp
Standard equipment reduction gear, end plates, support legs 3 pcs., LED lights
Optional equipment snow bank cutter, support wheels, hydraulic support wheels

Photos and videos

Additional equipment

Hydraulic support wheels 2 pcs

Support wheels 5.00-8, 2 pcs

Bank cutter

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